Marti Lawrence Wolf::::::::::::::::::::Installation Artist

I am an Installation and Assemblage Artist. Found objects and raw materials (bamboo, rock, red-twig willow, drift wood) are combined with hand-executed images and other materials, intended to question preconceived ideas of object and value. New Works contains current collections in-progress: "Big Wood" - Large-scale Assemblage, "Drawing Breath", A Sculptural Drawing Suite, and "2", the Hudson River Diptych Collection.

Installation art requires fluency in a wide range of mediums and techniques, including sculpture, painting, and lighting design. Installations are designed individually for each gallery or exhibition space becoming site-specific. I thrive on the challenge of the unknown, creating fluidity, meaning, and context from the unwanted materials and unspoken messages of our time.
(updated September, 2016)

Image of "See. Saw." Assemblage - Big Wood Series 2016 by M Lawrence Wolf